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Yield Monitor & Automated Yield Maps

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Finally - Simple, Affordable, Automatic Yield Maps

If precision farming is in your future, or is something you already do, a yield map is the single most important piece of data that you can generate. A yield map is the key input to next year’s fertlization prescription and the current year’s report card. It provides certainty that you’re making informed decisions on your field inputs and enables critical cost savings.

We make it easy and affordable for farmers to collect yield maps – our retrofit yield monitor can be installed on any combine. The accompanying mobile app allows for viewing live data & uploading harvested results to our web-platform. Our cloud based software intelligently processes your yield data through sophisticated cleaning and filtering algorithms, automatically producing accurate yield maps and statistical reports that can be viewed immediately and shared with your agronomist.

Everything You Need For Automatic Yield Maps

FarmLNX Retrofit Yield Monitor

The FarmLNX Yield Monitor self installs on any combine. Robust sensors rarely need cleaning, and only take minutes if ever needed.

FarmTRX Mobile Application

Ditch the expensive proprietary display. Use any android phone or tablet for real-time in-cab display and setting harvest parameters. 

FarmTRX Web: Automated Yield Maps

Your yield, moisture, operator and other data is automatically uploaded to the web, where it is processed into maps & reports.

Automatic Yield Maps. Simply Click “Upload”

Leave The Data Processing To Us.

Get instant results. Yield maps appear on the web just moments after uploading. No more fumbling with SD cards, no more messy data – just high quality yield maps & farm reports. Your data gets cleaned, processed, and interpolated in seconds. Easily share your results with your agronomist and see how your fields really performed this year..

FarmTRX Mobile App

Ditch the expensive proprietary display

Use any smartphone or tablet for real-time in-cab display and settng harvest parameters. After harvestng, sync the yield data to your phone, then upload the data with one click, producing yield maps that can be viewed on the web portal in an instant.

Hardware Designed By Farmers, For Farmers.

The FarmLNX Yield Monitor can be user- installed on any combine in a few hours. The robust optical sensors rarely need cleaning, and only take minutes if needed. Sensors mount on the clean grain elevator and the yield monitor processor mounts in the cab. Whether you sync to it with your phone or not – it’s always collecting yield data, and archives it for 5+ years..

“Having an affordable yield monitoring device will be instrumental in sustainable agriculture. This device, together with cloud computing capabilities, will make every farmer using it a better farmer. Yield monitors are not a new invention, but have always been very expensive.”

Bennie Dunhin

B.Sc, M.Sc, P.Ag Agronomy Manager, Cavalier Agrow Ltd.

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