Harvest Chaos Happens | equipping the backup combine for precision yield mapping

The Challenge: Transferring the same Yield Monitor between combines in the midst of the harvest crunch.
Location: Greencreek, Idaho
Harvester: New Holland CR970, Case 1680
Crop: Wheat, canola

FarmTRX and Factory Yield Monitor Comparison

Trial: Fungicide Trial – NDVI + Yield Monitor Results
Location: Medstead, Saskatchewan
Harvester: New Holland CR9060, CX8080, TR98
Crop: Wheat, Canola, Peas

Yield Monitor Performance in Hilly Terrain

The Challenge: Giving farmers a yield monitor that works in a region with notoriously hilly fields.
Location: Moscow, Idaho
Harvester:John Deere 9870 STS
Crop: Wheat, Chickpeas, Beans

File Farm Insurance Claims Easily and Accurately

The Challenge: Obtaining accurate crop damage proof for crop insurance claims
Location: Kisbey, Saskatchewan
Harvester: New Holland TR98, TR96, TX66
Crop: Barley, Canola, Flax, Peas and Wheat


What Happens to My Yield Data in the Web App?
What Happens to My Yield Data in the Web App?

The FarmTRX Web Application is our cloud-based platform where farmers can view, query, interact with and export their yield data. By registering your farm and drawing or importing your field boundaries in the Web App, you create the place where recorded yield data...

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Yield Map Review, Interpretation and Export
Yield Map Review, Interpretation and Export

Sean Trefiak | Customer Service Manager at FarmTRXA yield map is the report card for your growing year, with many effects like climate (too hot, too cold, frost, hail etc.), agronomic changes, trials or soil moisture making each year’s report different from the next....

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What’s in the Box? Guide to the FarmTRX Harvest Bundle
What’s in the Box? Guide to the FarmTRX Harvest Bundle

Everything you need to get started with precision yield mapping – in one package.   We’re working on removing barriers to participation in precision agriculture. With the FarmTRX system, farmers can outfit the  equipment they already own for modern yield...

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