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What’s In The Box? Guide to the Complete Yield Monitor Kit
Everything you need to get started with precision yield mapping – in one package.  

We’re working on removing traditional barriers to participation in precision agriculture. With the FarmTRX system, farmers can outfit the  equipment they already own for modern yield mappingregardless of the factory capability of the combine. Our Internet-of-Things (IoT) approach means farmers can install the hardware once and benefit from “over-the-air performance upgrades for years.

The complete Yield Monitor Kit includes all hardware and software components necessary to get started. Installation of the yield monitor and moisture sensor can be completed on any combine in a matter of hours, with account registration and setup of fields done via the FarmTRX Web App.

Purchase of the yield monitor includes a full year’s access to cleaned, filtered and corrected yield maps generated automatically by the Web App. 


Here’s what’s included…
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Data Logger and Optical Sensors

The Data Logger  

The black box is the brains of the yield monitor operation. It mounts in the cab of the combine and features an on-board processor, 16 GB of storage and an internal GPS chip/antenna. Your smartphone or tablet pairs with the yield monitor using Bluetooth® connectivity. Calibrate the yield monitor, moisture sensor and crops directly with the FarmTRX Mobile App, and view live and average yield and moisture readings from the cab on your smartphone or tablet. 

Don’t have the time to calibrate before harvesting? You can still get accurate precision yield maps by inputting the total known yield after the fact through the web appMore on that here... 

Optical Sensors 

Two right-angle, ruggedized optical sensors install on either side of the clean grain elevator. Removable hardened lenses protect the sensors from external wear and are easily replaced when requiredbeam of light is used to measure grain on each passing paddle.  

QuickConnect Sensor Mounts 

Our patent-pending QuickConnect technology provides an efficient click-into-place installation and secures to the elevator using a 3M industrial level adhesive.  

Drill Guide Kit 

We supply a complete drill guide kit with every yield monitor. The kit features a drill guide, 1/8” (3 mm) pilot hole bit3/4” (18 mm) stepdrill bit and drill extension for straight-through drilling from the outside of the elevator, where you have room to work 

External GPS Antenna 

The external multi-constellation (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo) antenna provides greater positional accuracy to the yield monitor and simplifies locating the data logger in the cab. It mounts on the roof of the cab on the centerline of the combine. 

Wiring Harnesses 

The kit comes equipped with all necessary wiring harnesses to supply power to the yield monitor and moisture sensor. Included you will find the 8 ft. (2.4 m) Sensor Interconnect Wiring Harness and the 20 ft (9 m) Primary Wiring Harness. 

Drill Guide Kit

FarmTRX Moisture Sensor 

The moisture sensor installs on the lower door of the clean grain elevator and adds grain moisture sensing capability to the yield monitor. With calibration, the sensor provides live and average moisture values (wet and dry) that can be monitored with the FarmTRX Mobile App. precision moisture map is generated aan output by the Web App. 

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