Perry Casson shining flashlight on combine
FarmTRX – Designed and Developed On Farm in Canada

FarmTRX Yield Monitors were designed with the following goals in mind: help farmers get more from their farming practice, keep installation and calibration simple, and don’t get in the way of harvest. 

These goals were born from years of grain harvesting experience on the Casson farm in Medstead, Saskatchewan. After beginning variable rate trials, FarmTRX CTO Perry Casson was eager to compare yield results and outfit his older combines with retrofit yield monitors. After scouring the market, it became clear that those available were priced way out of reach for most farmers, with technology already on its way to being outdated.

The gap in affordable, retrofit yield monitors pushed Casson to begin developing his own IoT based solution. Casson’s rich experience as an electronics technician, software developer and GIS analyst, as well as operator of the 2400 acre farm in western Canada, gave him the platform and connections to develop a leading class yield mapping solution while keeping it affordable, easy-to-install and simple to calibrate.

In 2015 the first FarmTRX Yield Monitor prototype came out of the Casson farm and was released with the help of Troo Corporation’s extensive web-based tracking and mapping platform. Five years later, the FarmTRX software and hardware have transformed significantly, including automated yield map generation and the addition of real-time moisture with the FarmTRX Moisture Sensor added in the summer of 2020. 

Originally designed for grain harvesting in western Canada, the FarmTRX yield mapping solution now supports farms stretching  as far as Argentina , Ukraine, Norway, South Africa, Japan and beyond. We keep farmers at the heart of the operation by putting precision ag insights within reach for all farmers, while keeping the price down and inputs minimal.

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