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Who Owns My Yield Data?
With FarmTRX – you do!

Today, farming is seeing an unprecedented shift to the collection of harvest insights using big data. With more technologies offered every year, promising to assist in every phase of the farming cycle, the debate on who owns farming data gained through tech providers is top of mind for farmers. 

With good reason, too. Making sure your harvest data is accessible where, when and to who you want it to be is important. Ambiguity in who owns agricultural data can have serious consequences for both farmer and provider, and grey areas in legislation on farm data ownership rights don’t help alleviate feelings of uncertainty in moving farm data to the cloud . 

Making sure that farm data remains under the care and control of farmers is important to us, that’s why we ensure farmers are the sole owner of their data gathered using FarmTRX products. As a user, you can choose to share your farm data with a trusted advisor, but it will never be sold or shared by FarmTRX. We are responsible for the processing, hosting and security of your yield data online. You choose what to do with it. 

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