Frequently Asked Questions


Will this work on my combine?

The FarmTRX yield monitor was designed to retrofit to nearly any combine. The only requirements are a clean grain elevator and access to 12 volt power. It can be installed on combines without a yield monitor and those that already have a yield monitor.

How long does it take to install the FarmTRX yield monitor?

Most installs can be done within 4 hrs. Some installs can be done in under 1hr, depending on the layout of your combine.

Can I use this to replace my current yield monitor?

Yes. Many FarmTRX users have done so without any problems.

I have an older combine. Will the FarmTRX yield monitor work?

Yes. We have plenty of installs on older combines (1980’s era). If they have a clean grain elevator and 12 volt power it will work.

I have a combine with a manufacturers yield monitor, but it requires an unlock fee. Should I use the FarmTRX yield monitor instead?

At FarmTRX, we don’t believe in unlock fees for hardware. Future updates to the yield monitor firmware & mobile app are free.

Can I use the FarmTRX yield monitor with existing Claas Lexion optical sensors?

No. FarmTRX uses its own sensor system. However, you can re-use the mounting holes on the clean grain elevator since the sensors are the same style and diameter.

I have different ages, makes and models of combines. Can the FarmTRX yield monitor work on all of them?

Yes. Great results from a mixed fleet of combines is one of our strengths.

What do I do if I buy a combine that already has a FarmTRX Yield monitor installed?

You will need to register for a new account. Contact us to do so.

Setup & Use

How much set-up is required before starting to harvest?

After installation, there are few steps needed before you can begin harvesting. Pre-harvest setup takes about 5 minutes. There are a couple steps before harvesting begins: including tare, header-to-clean grain elevator delay, crop type, header selection. Alternately, these settings can be applied after harvest as well, just confirm the unit has power and go.

How does the FarmTRX yield monitor know which field I am in?

You don’t need to tell the yield monitor which field you’re harvesting. Once your data is uploaded to the web app, it is automatically placed within the appropriate field boundary. We leverage the GPS point location to do this for you.

How accurate is the yield measurement?

Our understanding is that users get +/- 5% accuracy using default settings. Calibration to a known volume (combine hopper, grain cart, graduated storage bin etc.) will improve this accuracy further.

Do hills affect the accuracy of the FarmTRX yield monitor?

Moderate hills where harvesting along the row is uninterrupted are unlikely to affect accuracy. The FarmTRX Web App uses a statistical proximity method to confirm and adjust points if required based on querying proximal point values.

Can the FarmTRX yield monitor be adjusted for different headers? 

Yes. You can set up multiple headers from the mobile app. 

How are partial rows handled?

Partial rows are detected automatically in the web app after upload as part of the automated yield map generation process.

How does the yield data get from the FarmTRX yield monitor to the web app for processing?

Yield data is stored on an SD card within the yield monitor itself, this is temporary/backup data. Data is uploaded by connecting the mobile app to the yield monitor via Bluetooth with the mobile device. Data is then uploaded from the mobile device over a WiFi network (when available) or using cellular data (optional).

Is there a time-delay setting to account for the time it takes the grain to get from the header to the sensors?

Yes. The default delay from header to the clean grain elevator is 10 seconds, but this can be adjusted accordingly with the mobile app.

Will this work with bucket elevators?

No, the optical sensor does not penetrate the buckets to determine grain heap/height.


Does the FarmTRX Yield Monitor have a moisture sensor?

Yes. The FarmTRX Moisture Sensor is available for purchase as a bundle with the FarmTRX Yield Monitor or sold separately for those who already own the yield monitor. The FarmTRX Moisture Sensor extends the yield monitor to provide moisture capability, offering instant and average moisutre values viewable in the cab, as well as trend moisture maps in the FarmTRX Web App.

Find more on the FarmTRX Moisture Sensor here.

How long do the optical sensors last?

We have been testing their durability consecutively for 3 seasons with no degradation. We expect a life-span of 5 harvest seasons or more. Replacement optical sensors are available and are very easy to replace.

Do the sensors need cleaning?

Since the optical sensors are mounted inside the clean grain elevator, they are self-cleaning as the grain goes by. If they need to cleaned, they are quick and easy to do: snip the zip tie, move the hinge out, polish the optical sensor, move the hinges back into place, attach new zip tie.

What type of warranty does the FarmTRX yield monitor have?

FarmTRX offers a 2 year warranty on parts.

Can the FarmTRX yield monitor be transferred from one combine to another?

Yes. If you sell your combine and want to keep your yield monitor it can be uninstalled and re-installed on another combine easily.

Can I use the GPS from my autosteer?

No. The FarmTRX Yield Monitor includes a built-in GPS antenna, as well as an external GPS antenna for metal roofs and improved positional accuracy.

Can I order replacement parts?

Yes, you can order replacement parts here:

FarmTRX Mobile App

Where can I download the FarmTRX IOS Mobile App?

It is available for download on the Apple App Store: Download iOS app here.

Where can I download the FarmTRX Android Mobile App?

It is available for download on the Google Play Store: Download Android App here.

Do you need a cellular connection to run the mobile app?

No. The mobile app can run without a data connection. 

Do you need to run the mobile app while harvesting?

No. The yield monitor is always collecting data whether the mobile app is running or not.

FarmTRX Web App

Who owns my yield data?

You do. We do not sell your data. It remains the property of the farmer. You can choose to give access to any trusted advisor. FarmTRX automatically processes, hosts & stores your yield data on-line, so you can access it at any time.

Can data be exported to a farm management/agronomy platform like AgLeader SMS?

Yes. We support multiple export formats (e.g. .shp file format, AgLeader Advanced file format) designed to be compatible with most farm management programs.

How much is the FarmTRX Web App subscription per year?

Your first season’s subscription is included with the purchase of a FarmTRX Yield Monitor (until June 1, 2021).  After that, the annual subscription fee is calculated based on the total acres you farm. Contact us here for an estimate.

If I don’t maintain my FarmTRX Web App subscription can I still get my yield data?

Yes. Raw yield points will always be free to download as .SHP or .CSV format. You can view, query and export the raw yield data, but you will need to manually place points in the correct field, clean, filter and calibrate the raw data externally.

Can FarmTRX export to Climate Fieldview?

Yes. One of the default export settings will allow you to import directly to Climate Fieldview.

What format can I export data from the FarmTRX Web App in?

We currently support .SHP, .CSV, AgLeader Advanced, and GEOTIFF. Coming soon will be KMZ for uploading to google earth or other scouting tools, as well as exporting fields to .PDF for easy printing.

How does the FarmTRX Web App work to process raw yield data to automated yield maps?

The FarmTRX Web App automatically cleans and filters anomalous points, correlates between multiple combines, removes headland turns, identifies and corrects partial rows, calibrates and corrects to create a “true-to-field” yield map. These automated processes would normally take a trained data professional many hours.

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