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The FarmTRX Story

Farmer and Technologist Perry Casson had three combines on his farm without yield monitors but he wanted to collect yield data from his fields. He had begun variable rate trials and wanted a way to measure the outcomes of these trials. After searching the market to retrofit his older model harvesters with a retrofit yield monitor, he was disappointed with the high prices for outdated technology.

In 2015 Perry built the first FarmTRX prototype in Medstead, SK. Soon after building his prototype he garnered interest from local farmers and agronomists who were looking for exactly what he had invented – an easily installed, affordable Yield Monitor that was easy to use. Three harvest seasons later, the technology, hardware components and software have evolved significantly in collaboration with Troo Corp providing a powerful web mapping platform.

Phil Wyatt – CEO

A rich history defined by successful product vision, technical leadership, and growing software companies, including taking Northwood Technologies to a successful acquisition, positions Phil to lead Troo’s Aviation, Fleet Tracking and Precision Agriculture lines of business. He is a geoscientist by education and training with extensive experience in GIS, web-based mapping and software development.

Perry Casson – CTO & Co-Founder

A co-founder, Architect & Director of Software Development of Northwood Technologies, Perry’s wide ranging expertise in software, GIS, wireless communications, and electronics is augmented by a natural gift for innovation through ingenuity. Perry is an electronics technician with training in software development in addition to being a pilot and operating his 2500 acre family farm.

Mark Hammer – VP Sales and Business Development

The intersection of technical and business application is where Mark lives. A career in sales, marketing and business development for companies specializing in telecommunications, remote sensing, minerals exploration and mining provides a strong background for his role. He is a geoscientist by education specializing in 2D and 3D GIS applications.

Bernard Agyekum – R&D Director & Co-Founder

Co-founder of Troo & Senior Developer since its inception, Bernard’s tireless commitment to product advancement and technical evolution continues to deliver class-leading web-based mapping solutions in Aviation and Fleet Tracking as well as Precision Agriculture sectors. Bernard is a computer scientist with extensive experience in GIS, geomatics and telematics integration through web-based mapping applications.

Braden Wyatt – Technical Product Manager

A civil engineer by education, Braden spent the early part of his career working for a large engineering firm in the UK. His natural capabilities in project management and product management couple nicely with his enthusiasm for bringing technology into the precision agriculture sector. Braden manages all aspects of the FarmTRX product offering.

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