Precision agriculture capability for any age, make or model of combine.

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Empowering Precision Ag Decisions

It’s nice to have more than one year’s worth of yield data to back up your decisions, and with a yield monitor you can actually put a hard number on it. You can’t manage what you can’t measure right?

Joe Gordon of Gordon’s Custom Farm Services, Canada 

How It Works



The FarmTRX system installs on any combine with a clean grain elevator – in under 2 hours. 



View live and average yield readings from the cab with your Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet. 



Precision yield maps are automatically generated within minutes of data upload.

Why FarmTRX?

An aftermarket, InternetofThings (IoT) approach to yield mapping. Update the equipment you already own for precision ag.

With FarmTRX, a farmer of any size can be a precision ag farmer.

Bennie Dunhin, Senior Ag Innovation Lead at G-Mac’s Ag Team, Canada

FarmTRX equipped Claas Lexion 750, Australia

FarmTRX equipped 1976 Gleaner L, USA

FarmTRX equipped New Holland CR 9060, Canada


harvester in field

Automated Precision Yield Maps

FarmTRX identifies and addresses false yields recorded during harvest, leaving cleaned, accurate yield maps.  

man in field

Monitor and Upload Data from Your Smartphone or Tablet

No dedicated display or SD card to transfer. Use your own device to monitor readings in the cab and upload yield data. 

yield maps

Yield Maps Generated in Minutes

Not hours or days. Upload yield data directly from the field and review yield maps in the FarmTRX Web App. 


Keep Setup Simple

Calibrate once per crop type, per year. If you make an input mistake, or forget to connect before harvesting, it can be corrected after the fact. 


Own Your Harvest Data

Farmers are always the sole owners of their yield data.

moisture sensor

2 Year Hardware Guarantee

FarmTRX covers 2 years of product guarantee.

Built to Work On Any Combine With a Clean Grain Elevator

quickconnect installation
Harvest can be hectic, so we keep yield mapping easy and reliable so you can focus on farming. 

FarmTRX’s QuickConnect Mounting System keeps installation time under 2 hours. 

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