Bring precision capability to your farm with a yield monitor.

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Why FarmTRX?

An aftermarket yield monitor for any combine. We automate the generation of yield maps so you can focus on farming.

With FarmTRX, a farmer of any size can be a precision ag farmer.

Bennie Dunhin, Senior Ag Innovation Lead at G-Mac’s Ag Team, Canada

FarmTRX equipped Claas Lexion 750, Australia

FarmTRX equipped 1976 Gleaner L, USA

FarmTRX equipped New Holland CR 9060, Canada

How It Works



Install on any combine with a clean grain elevator – in under 2 hours. 



View live and average yield and moisture on your smartphone or tablet.



Review automatically corrected yield data and precision maps in the Web App.

More Farmers Participating in Precision Ag

Join thousands of other farmers who have equipped their combine for yield mapping.

It’s nice to have more than one year’s worth of yield data to back up your decisions, and with a yield monitor you can actually put a hard number on it. You can’t manage what you can’t measure right?

Joe Gordon of Gordon’s Custom Farm Services, Canada 


harvester in field

Post-Harvest Calibrate

A miscalibration will not affect your ability to get accurate data. Post-harvest calibration lets you fix it after the fact. 

man in field

Monitor on Your Own Device

No dedicated display or SD card to transfer. Monitor yield and moisture with the Harvest Mobile App. 

yield maps

Automate Yield Cleanup

Our Web App identifies and corrects false yields recorded at harvest, leaving cleaned, accurate yield maps.

farmtrx quickconnect mounts

Keep Setup Simple

Optimized hardware allows for easy installation on any combine with a clean grain elevator.

farmtrx app

Get Your Data How You Need It

Our CANBus capable hardware lets growers share their data easily between platforms.

farmtrx yield monitor box

2 Year Hardware Guarantee

FarmTRX covers 2 years of product guarantee.

Install On Any Combine With a Clean Grain Elevator

quickconnect installation
We’ve optimized hardware to keep installation simple. 

Our patent-pending QuickConnect Mounting System keeps installation time under 2 hours. 

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