Note to Our Customers: Moisture Sensors are now on back-order due to high demand. Production is progressing as fast as possible while maintaining quality control. New orders will be shipped on a first-come, first-shipped basis in mid-September upon completion of our next production batch.Bundles may be shipped separately on request. Place your order now to confirm your priority. 

Yield Monitor Only


Yield Monitor + Moisture Sensor 

$2,744.00 $2,654.50

Best Value – save 10% off the cost of the moisture sensor.

Moisture Sensor Only


The FarmTRX Yield Monitor displays live & average harvest data on a smartphone or tablet, logs yield data & stores it for 5+ years, and allows for quick & easy wireless data upload via the FarmTRX Mobile App. The robust optical sensors rarely need cleaning, and only take minutes if ever needed.

Installation Time: 1-4 hours.

What’s Included:

  • Optical Yield Sensors

  • All hardware & wiring harnesses necessary for installation

  • 1 year subscription to FarmTRX Web App

The FarmTRX Moisture Sensor adds moisture capability to your FarmTRX Yield Monitor. View instant & average moisture values while harvesting via the FarmTRX Mobile App. View wet & dry yield totals, determine weight and volume lost to moisture, and view & export moisture maps from the FarmTRX Web App. Download PDF to learn more.

Installation Time: 30 min – 2 hours.

What’s Included:

  • All hardware & wiring harnesses necessary for installation

  • Optional plasma-cutter template for installation

All FarmTRX Hardware is backed by a 2 year warranty.

The FarmTRX Yield Monitor & Moisture Sensor are compatible with any combine with a clean grain elevator. Your combine does not need to have a GPS antenna or sensors already installed.

Yield Monitor Installation:

The FarmTRX Yield Monitor can be user-installed using common tools in under 4 hours, with many installs happening under 2 hours.

Required tools are: pop riveter, cordless drill, angle drill, 5/32″ bit, 3/4″ step drill bit, center punch, and tape measure

View the installation video here: FarmTRX Yield Monitor Installation Video

Moisture Sensor Installation:

Installation Option 1: Plasma Cutter – Time: 30 Minutes:
Remove clean grain elevator lower door. Determine mounting location using supplied instructions. Clamp plasma cutter guide to door and cut hole for sensor face & mounting bolts. Bolt moisture sensor to door, re-attach door to grain elevator, and plug wiring harness into Yield Monitor Interconnect Wiring Harness.

Installation Option 2: Hole Saw & Grinder – Time 1 hr +
Remove clean grain elevator lower door. Determine mounting location using supplied instructions. Tape drilling template to door, mark centre points for hole-saw & mounting bolt locations. Using 1 ¾” hole saw, drill two holes at marked positions from template. Cut the remaining triangular sections using the template and a zipblade on a grinder. Drill mounting bolt locations. Bolt moisture sensor to door, re-attach door to grain elevator, and plug wiring harness into Yield Monitor Interconnect Wiring Harness.


FarmTRX is proud to build and assemble our Yield Monitors in a North-American local farming community – Elbow, Saskatchewan. Our manufacturing partner employs local workers, and produces an incredibly high quality product that we are confident in standing behind. All FarmTRX hardware is backed by a 2 year warranty.

In 2015 Farmer and Technologist Perry Casson built the first FarmTRX prototype in Medstead SK. He had begun variable rate trials with Cavalier Agrow, and wanted a way to measure the outcomes of his trials. Soon after building his prototype he garnered interest from local farmers and agronomists who were looking for exactly what he had invented – a Yield Monitor that was affordable, easy to install, and most importantly – easy to use. 
Since that time, the technology and hardware components have evolved significantly, and collaborating with Troo Corp now provides a powerful web mapping platform. 

FarmTRX Yield Monitor

Designed By Farmers & Locally Made In a North American Farming Community.

The FarmTRX Yield Monitor is designed for all types of farmers, whether you’re technically inclined or not. It retrofits to nearly any make/model/age combine in just a few hours and uses your smartphone or tablet instead of an expensive dedicated display. It was designed to be easy to use – so you can focus on farming.

The FarmTRX Mobile App will display live, average, and cumulative harvest data on your smartphone or tablet – as well as allow you to wirelessly upload your yield data. You can upload at the end of the day, the end of the week, or the end of harvest season – whenever is convenient for you. And if you forget to bring the tablet, don’t worry – your yield data gets recorded no matter what.

Harvest season can be hectic, so we made setup easy and fast. Simply select your header & crop type and you’re good to go. Calibration is simple – just harvest a known amount, such as a full hopper or by using weigh wagons, and enter the actual amount into the app. And if things get busy and you don’t calibrate – it’s easy to fix things later online when you have the time.

Quick Installation

Easy Operation

Precision Results

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