sensors and mounts upgrade kit

FarmTRX Yield Monitor Bundle

Everything You Need In One Box.
The Yield Monitor Complete Kit includes all hardware and software components required to begin precision yield mapping. The yield monitor installs in the cab of the combine and uses Bluetooth® connectivity to connect to your phone or tablet.

  • Yield Monitor
  • Rugged Yield Sensors
  • Moisture Sensor
  • GPS Antenna
  • Quick Connect Sensor Mounts
  • Wiring Harnesses


Out of stock

Due to high demand Yield Monitor 1.0’s are now sold out. Yield Monitor 2.0’s will be available for purchase within the next few days.

Compatible With Any Combine Age, Make Or Model

FarmTRX Yield Monitor

 Yield Monitor installs on any combine with a clean grain elevator and 12V. When connected to power, the yield monitor captures and records raw yield readings every 2 seconds. When connected to the FarmTRX Mobile App, yield data is easily uploaded for viewing precision yield maps 

Installation Time: 1-4 hours 

Out of stock


FarmTRX Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor adds moisture capability to your yield monitor. Connect to the FarmTRX Mobile App to view live and average moisture values in the cab and upload moisture data to get precision moisture maps.


Installation Time: 1-4 hours 


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sensors and mounts upgrade kit