Corrected, automated yield and moisture maps. See your fields with precision capability in our cloud-based platform.

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2 year warranty


data confidentiality


What’s Included 

All users have free access to our precision map building software for their first year.

After that, ability to view, query and export sorted raw yield data remains free.

The annual cost to continue with premium access to precision yield and moisture maps is determined by acreage.

trend of yield

Trend of Yield Map, Canada

How It Works



Upload data wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. No memory card required.



Yield data and precision yield maps will be ready to view within minutes of data upload to the web app.



Option to export raw yield data or corrected yield maps.

Save Time Sorting And Processing Data 


Yield and moisture data uploads and sorts directly to a customizable field boundary  


The FarmTRX processing engine identifies and corrects false yields  


Export yield maps to an agronomist or external farm management system 

web app overview
FarmTRX and Factory Yield Monitor Comparison

Trial: Fungicide Trial – Climate Fieldview NDVI + Yield Monitor Results
Location:Casson Farms – Medstead, Saskatchewan
Harvester: New Holland CR9060; New Holland CX8080; New Holland TR98
Crop: Wheat, Canola, Peas

Precision Yield Mapping Will Change How You Farm

From crop planning, irrigation strategy to seeding, FarmTRX empowers farmers to see the big picture. 

Satellite imagery is a great tool for in-season decision making, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to your final yield. You’ll need a yield monitor for that. 

Bryn Casson – Casson Farms, Canada


Automated, Corrected Maps

Detects, filters and corrects anomalous data points like headland turns, partial rows, wedges, hills and unloading points.

Own Your Data

Farmers are always the sole owners of their yield data. FarmTRX processes and hosts your yield data, you decide what to do with it. 

Multiple Export Formats

If precision maps aren’t what you need, your raw yield and moisture data will always be free to export as ESRI, .shp or AgLeader Basic file formats.

Field Boundaries

Raw Yield Points

Corrected Yield Map

Trend of Yield

Import to Climate FieldView

FarmTRX yield maps can be imported directly to Climate FieldView as a .txt file format. 


Compare combine performance for a field, review and download PDF printouts for your agronomist or crop insurer, or view field stats. 

Edit Inputs After Harvest

If you don’t have time to calibrate or didn’t connect before harvest you can edit inputs from within the web app. Just power on and go.

Basic VS Premium Access To The Web App

Here’s the difference between basic (free) versus premium (monthly subscription) access to the web app.
Basic (free) Premium (monthly subscription)
Over-the-air firmware update
Field selection Automated Automated
Raw yield data retrieval Wireless Wireless
Yield data upload Mobile network or WiFi Mobile network or WiFi
Sorting to correct field Automated Automated
Yield data visual/query
Yield data points export
Yield data cleaning & filtering X Automated
Post-harvest calibration X Automated
Multi-combine calibration X Automated
9 map output options X Automated
Export to other platforms Raw yield data All yield data and corrected maps
Field binder PDF export X